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Siberian Mining Institute on designing of coal-mines,
opencasts and coal-mills awarded
the Order of the Red Banner of Labour in 1979

/ The first Design Institute in Siberia / “Nerungrinsky” open pit

“Nerungrinsky” open pit

“Nerungrinsky” open pit


Customer: “Yakutugol”, (OJS).

Location: South-Yakutsk coal field, “Nerungrinsky” open pit field

Commission date: November, 2008


Design details:

·         Capacity expansion of the open pit to 13 million tones of coal in a year;

·         Drying field system correction with mine pumping and the in-pit wells are used because of the low ground water well;

·         Usage of new equipment as excavators RS 8000, drilling ring PV-275, vehicles with 220-240 tones capacity;

·         Making a complicated mining-geometric analysis that helps the Customer to gain the needed amount of power plant coal and coking coal.