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conservation of “Koksovaya-2”

 Technical design mining conservation of “Koksovaya-2” mine, Ltd.

           In June, 2014 specialists of "Sibgiproshakht" Institute has finished
??a major project of “Mining conservation of “Koksovaya-2” mine” that is the one of the oldest mines in Prokopyevsk and Kiselevsk coal districts.

Here are some historical facts to have a full picture and the importance understanding of the project:
          The construction of “Koksovaya-2” mine began in 1929 on the level of 215 meters. It was commissioned in 1936 and its mining capacity was 3000 tons of coal per year. Over 78 years the mining was conducted on 5 producing levels.

           During the mine operation the industrial coal reserves have been fulfilled. Different development systems as caving and goaf stowing were used. In 1957 the maximum level of production amounted to 2208 tons. The total production for the duration of the maintenance activities was 92261 tones. Mined coals were mainly of the coking grades. Until the mine conservation decision was made revision stocks hor.-135 at a depth of 400-450 meters from the surface.
          Testing of coal in the pillars of safety systems development was conducted with goaf ensuring completeness of extraction and preservation of the ground surface and the development of the sublevel hydraulic winning system caving outside security pillars.

          Unfortunately, in 2012 there was a technical infrastructure fall of “Koksovaya-2” mine. It influenced the coal mining quite negatively.

                                  Here are some figures to prove this statistics:









Mining, thousand tons



















The main factors of the mining instability were: adverse mining conditions seams on the level and the current lack of modern high-tech coal mining. The majority of all the resources were in highly disturbed coal seams prone with spontaneous combustion, sudden coal outbursts, gas and rock bursts and besides high gassy.
            In December of 2012 “Koksovaya-2” mine was declared bankrupt. Due to the lack of expensive security systems that was not acquired and are not installed repeatedly changing mine owners, the
Federal Service for Environmental, Technological, and Nuclear Supervision mining didn’t agree the development plan for 2013 year which resulted in the production and business activities of the mine.
            That was the time when “Sibgiproshakht” Institute has started a project of the conservation and liquidation of “Koksovaya-2” mine. For the conservation there was adopted a combined method with the benchmark 40 meters mine flooding This method of conservation gave an opportunity to avoid any deformations of the ground surface and other negative consequences of cyclical drainage work.

            As for the drainage complex (accounting on the equipment cost and its operation) as well as the use of similar equipment available on abandoned mine drainage complexes of Prokopyevsk and Kiselevsk,, the Customer adopted a set of three dewatering submersible pumps (2 working and 1 spare) with the capacity 725m3 per hour, and three pipelines of 325mm diameter.
              After receiving the positive conclusions of all the necessary examinations as the Expert examination of the industrial safety, the Environmental impact assessment and the Federal Agency of Subsoil Use coordination, the Liquidation Commission could proceed to conduct organizational and technical conservation work on “Koksovaya-2” mine.