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Siberian Mining Institute on designing of coal-mines,
opencasts and coal-mills awarded
the Order of the Red Banner of Labour in 1979

/ The first Design Institute in Siberia / “Inaglinsky” Coal Complex building

“Inaglinsky” Coal Complex building

“Inaglinsky” Coal Complex building


Customer: “Coal of Yakutiya – new technologies” (CJS).

Location: Chulmakan mine of the South-Yakutsk coalfield, Vostochny district

Commissioning date: December, 2009

Project details: Mine capacity equals to 2750 thousand tones of coal.

·      Difficult design conditions took place because of the really hard wallrocks in the ground layers, complicated and changeable layers geology, water-inflow and perpetually frozen ground;

·       Gallery development because of the local ground construction with low dipping strata;

·       Face conveyer usage “Angera-38” that helps to handle the high wall for the period mining 7000 tones in a day.