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Siberian Mining Institute on designing of coal-mines,
opencasts and coal-mills awarded
the Order of the Red Banner of Labour in 1979


Building project of “Listvyanskaya-2” coal-preparation plant

For the anthracite enrichment technology were used modern techniques and noticed coal specification in Gorlovsky coal-mining field. The project success was reached thanks to cooperation of both companies “Sibgiproshakht” and “СЕТСО”, the subsidiary of the US company in Moscow.



Besides the new technique like “MMD” crushing machine from England was used. For the firsts loading-out from the storage bins they used tripper made in Germany and some other things from the new equipment.

Cleaning depth of 35 microns allows to win the firsts in marketable products. The wash plant packages “СЕТСО” of capacity 250 tones per hour has a complex with technological equipment and all the necessary automatic system elements of technological process control.

“Listvyanskaya-2” coal-preparation plant has a production of graded concentrates like AKO classification (25-80mm), AM (13-25mm) and AC (6-13mm) with the ash-content 4,5-4,7% and fine concentrate 0-6mm with the ash-content 6,5%. The quality complies to customers’ demand and competitiveness fits to internal and external markets.