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Siberian Mining Institute on designing of coal-mines,
opencasts and coal-mills awarded
the Order of the Red Banner of Labour in 1979

News Release


“Sibgiproshakht” Institute got a positive expert conclusion of RF State Expert Evalution Departament upon the project “Building of Vidrikhinskiy limestone open-pit” (Customer - "Siberian Anthracite", CJSC.)

During the working-out of this project “Sibgiproshakht” specialists developed the project of limestone reserves mining in Vidrikhinskoye coal-field by the new equipment. Also the new technology of coal redesigning mobile crushing and screening unit was discovered to get the construction break stone of different fractures.

The open-pit productive capacity of limestone technology is 300 000 tones break stone per year. The whole period of limestone development will reach 18 years.

October, 2014



“Sibgiproshakht” Institute got a positive expert conclusion of Central Committee for solid mineral deposits development of Rosnedra upon the project “Coal reserves development of Sibirginskiy-7 department, Sibirginsk coal field”

October, 2014