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Siberian Mining Institute on designing of coal-mines,
opencasts and coal-mills awarded
the Order of the Red Banner of Labour in 1979


The first Design Institute in Siberia


The first Design Institute in Siberia

Sibgiproshakht Joint-Stock Co. is one of the largest design institutes in Russia. The principal trends of our activity are planning of underground and open-cast mines, preparation plants, and modernization of mining enterprises.

Our Design Institute was established in 1929 and became the developer of the pioneer coal mines constructed under severe conditions of Siberia and Far East.

The Company’s mission:

  1. We build up the high-tech and production–efficient mining enterprises.
  2. Personality unfolding.
  3. Confidence and reliance for our staff members, partners and shareholders.

Our goals and challenges

Sibgiproshakht strives to raise profitability of Customers’ enterprises by introduction of the efficient high technologies into mining practice.

Higher-priority areas of activity

Sibgiproshakht Joint-Stock Co. is an expert in the field of underground and open-cast mine planning, design of preparation and briquette plants, surface infrastructure arrangement, modernization of mining enterprises, overall planning of the production infrastructure and equipment configuration, development measures for the environment protection, land reclamation and mining and production safety.

Our engineers elaborate ecological certificates for mining enterprises, feasibility studies for the investors to take out a license for subsoil mining, and, furthermore, assist our Customers in all the related negotiations and approbations.

Functions as a general contractor Sibgiproshakht practices shutdown and closing down of unpromising mining enterprises.

Vocation for meeting all-round challenges

Sibgiproshakht JSC is an integrated Institute and has all licenses and rights for coal mining planning and for other industrial projects.

It is the most important for a Customer that his enterprise gains its design capacity as soon as possible. This depends on the correct selection of the production line and equipment. Based on our many-years’ experience of cooperation with mining machinery manufacturers and suppliers, and due to our well-established business ties, inclusive of foreign countries, we use various logistical schemes and cut down expenditures.

As a general contractor, Sibgiproshakht assists in overall projectization and, thus, disembarrasses the partners and plays in favor of their prime business by contracting their expenses. Our mine planners develop and successfully introduce advanced ideas and progressive engineering solutions in the field of coal mining.

85 years of reliable partnership

Sibgiproshakht Joint-Stock Co. holds more than 10 000 mining projects accomplished in Russia and abroad. We have been keeping terms with many leading mining-related enterprises and enjoy credibility.

For the great advance Sibgiproshakht is awarded the Order of the Labor Red Banner.

Commercial geography

Nowadays Sibgiproshakht projects embrace Yakutia, Kuznetsk Coal Basin (Kuzbass), Krasnoyarsk Territory, Regions of Novosibirsk, Rostov, Sakhalin and Chita in Russia.

Our mine planners are carrying on cooperation with our technical partners in India, Indonesia, Iran, Kazakhstan, Canada, China, Mongolia, Poland, Japan and in other countries.

Sibgiproshakht always expands its business boundaries and welcomes working relationship with Russian and foreign partners.

Underground and open-cast mines and preparation plants

Sibgiproshakht as a general developer has implemented project works for such flagships of mining in Russia as “Raspadskaya” Mine, South-Yakutia Coal Complex, Kansk-Achinsk Fuel-and-Energy Complex, Central Preparation Plant “Sibir”, Coal Strip Mines “Bachatski”, “Krasnogorski”, “Sibirginski”, “Mezhdurechenski” and others.

While projecting, we always adhere to the actual standards and regulations of the industrial, fire, health and ecological safety, and promote higher efficiency operation of business enterprises.

Experts and technologies

The founder of Sibgiproshakht Institute is Lev D. Shevyakov (1889—1963), a distinguished figure in the field of mining, Academician of the USSR Academy of Sciences, USSR State Prize winner. His research work served the basis of mining science. Lev Shevyakov headed a scientific school for the theory of planning of mining enterprises.

Sibgiproshakht holds a unique collection of Technical Packages started over in the 1930s. The history combined with high technologies allows us to satisfy effectively and promptly the demands of our Customers.

Sibgiproshakht team incorporates many skilled specialists in the field of geology, design technology for open pits, underground mines and preparation plants, power and water supply, utility lines, communication, environmental protection, construction and economics. Fully automated operating process is a guarantee for high productivity.

Sibgiproshakht JSC designs high-performance industrial objects subject to active legislation, standards and regulations for dangerous object planning and environmental protection.

Social responsibility and personnel policy

Sibgiproshakht Joint-Stock Co. is a well-knit team of professionals taking advantage of their free intellection and view of the state-of-the-art mine planning technologies. Working at Sibgiproshakht is business travelling and communication with representatives of the leading enterprises in Russia and abroad, everyday solving of unordinary intellectually demanding tasks. Sibgiproshakht is an ever-growing and developing company. We implement many interesting projects and have high-flying expectations. We welcome the Profs equal to wide-open thinking and team-work. As a member of the stable and prestigious company, you will gain the ample opportunities to bring into effect your skills and fresh-breezing ideas.

The most important projects designed by “Sibgiproshakht” for the last 5 years are:


-          Neryungri open-pit mining-and-transport project part correction (Customer – “Yakutugol”, Ltd.);
-          Project of cyclical-and-continuous method of strip mining of “Bachatsky” open-pit branch (Customer – “Kuzbassrazrezugol”, OJSC.);
-          Krasnogorsk open-pit mining-and-transport project parts correction (“Southern Kuzbass” Coal Company) and Urgun part of Gorlovsk open-pit (“Siberian Anthracite”, CJSC.);
-          “Alardinskiy-Vostochniy-1” design project in Kondom region of Kuzbass and Osinniki open-pit for “Kuzbassrazrezugol”, OJSC.;
-          Project of Pereyaslovsky open-pit expansion up to 8 MT (“Krasnoyarskkrayugol”, OJSC.);
-          Construction project of “Listvyanskaya-2” preparation plant (“Siberian Anthracite”, CJSC.);
-          Construction project of “Barzasskaya” preparation plant (“Barzass company”, Ltd.);
-          Construction project of “Inaglinskaya” preparation plant (“Yakut coals – new technologies”, CJSC.);
-          Technical upgrading project of “Koksovaya” and “Ziminka” preparation plants (“Prokopevskugol”, Ltd.);
-          Technical upgrading project of “Abashevskaya” preparation plant;
-          Construction project of “Inaglinskaya” mine (“Yakut coals – new technologies”, CJSC.) and “Denisovskaya” mine (“Neryungriugol”, OJSC.);
-          “Sakhalinugol-6”mine reconstruction project (“Sakhalinugol”, Ltd.);
-          Conservation project of “Tomskaya” mine main field (“Uzgkuzbassugol”, OJSC.).
For the last 85 years as a designing Institute “Sibgiproshakht” can provide all the range of services beginning from developing the design documentation till the further support of the industrial enterprises. Using modern ways of management and adopting new design technologies “Sibgiproshakht” deals with all the challenges quite successfully nowadays.